Photo of the product WDG0204
Photo of the product WDG0204


Industrial PoE+ 6x 1GE VPN Router w/ Dual WAN Load Balancing

  • 2x GE ports can be config as WAN interface
  • 4x GE ports L2+ managed (PoE) switch as LAN interface
  • IEEE802.3at/af PoE, up to 30W per port, 250W power budget totally
  • Advanced PoE management functions, such as PD detection, scheduling and health tracking
  • Load balancing mechanisms for WAN interface
  • Support VRRP to increase network availability and reliability
  • Firewall support DoS protection, IP address filter, Mac address filter, source port filter and destination port filter
  • Support port forwarding and DMZ to easy deploy service
  • Support IPSec/L2TP/OpenVPN for security remote access
  • DHCP server/client/relay, support addition option 66/82 for network security
  • Support IEEE802.1Q VLAN
  • RIP v1/v2 and BGP
  • Built-in IPSec/ L2TP over IPsec/OpenVPN VPN Server
  • Support LLDP and CDP for network discovery protocols
  • Dynamic IEEE 802.3ad LACP link aggregation and static link aggregation for optimum bandwidth utilization
  • Enhanced ITU G.8032 ring protection. Recovery time less than 50ms for single ring. Also supports multiple modes, such as auto mode, enhanced mode, multi-VLAN and basic mode
  • MSTP up to 16 instances and backward compatible STP and RSTP
  • Access control lists (ACL) support L2 and L3 packet filtering increasing the flexibility and security of network management
  • RMON and MIB II for efficient network monitoring and proactive capability bandwidth management prevents unpredictable network status
  • WEB based management UI via HTTP/HTTPs. Also provide CLI, SSH and telnet. All of then support external AAA authentication Services with RADIUS and TACACS+
  • SNMPv1/v2c/v3 for different levels of network management
  • Logging event and warning by exception through SMS, e-mail, SNMP trap and relay output automatic
  • Software upgrade via TFTP,HTTP/HTTPs also support redundant firmware to avoid in case of upgrade failure
  • Redundant dual DC input power 9V to 56V
* means optional. Order by request.

IntrisingTM WDG0204

IntrisingTM WDG0204 is a high performance wireless router build-in 2x GE ports and 4x GE L2+ switch w/ 4x PoE 802.3at/af per port 30W. The wired GE ports can be configured as WAN port, and support lots of protocol such as PPPoE, DHCP client, static IP. The built-in L2+ switch delivers ITU G.8032 ring recovery less than 50ms. It can help optimization network traffic by comprehensive QoS and load balancing. Security functions including L2/L3 ingress and egress ACL. In order optimization multicast traffic, it provide IGMP v1/v2/v3/ and router port support, which are important features required in modern network. In the redundancy, VRRP can increase availability and reliability via automatic choice master default gateway in network topology. If the master is broken, slaves will be wake up and replace it quickly. Load balancing is the other feature for multiple WAN redundancy and traffic optimization, that support four mechanism for combination multiple WAN, such as fixed, failover, priority and round robin, It can help to fully used WAN resource. Other functions including port based DHCP server, MAC based DHCP server and option 82 for DHCP relay. The network discovery support LLDP and CDP(Cisco Discovery Protocol) that help scan and show whole network topology. The firewall support DoS protection, IP address filter, Mac address filter, source port filter and destination port filter, also include DMZ and port forwarding for virtual server deployed. In the security sensitive application, WDG0204 supports a lot of popular VPN and tunneling technology, such as IPSec, L2TP over IPsec server/client, OpenVPN server/client and GRE.

Dual gigabit WAN ports and load balancing with four mechanisms

WDG0204 provides two gigabit ethernet WAN port that work concurrent. Also support four algorithm to scheduling WAN port traffic, include fixed, failover, priority and round robin that help to appropriate used WAN bandwidth.


VRRP let more availability and reliability in the network. VRRP can automatic choice one router as default gateway(master) and let others as standby(slave).

PoE at/af ports with advanced PoE management

Compliant with 802.3af/at standard, it is able to feed each PoE port up to 30 Watt, 250W totally. Also supports advanced PoE management functions, such as PD detection, scheduling and health tracking. PoE detection can detect if the connected PD status such as enabled/disabled, voltage, current, watt and temperature; scheduling is to allow pre-set power feeding schedule upon routine time table; health tracking can detect PD is alive or not, if PD is dead, will restart it.

Port/MAC based DHCP server, option 82 DHCP Relay and IPv6 DHCP server

MAC based DHCP server can assign dedicated IP address by by client’s MAC Address. Option 82 can assign IP address by port for multiple switches with single DHCP option 82 server.

Event log and Event Action

In case of event, WDG0204 has many useful log for network trouble shutting. Once out of the situation sending SMS, e-mail, SNMP trap or syslog to the manager immediately.

Dual power DC input

WDG0204 supports dual DC power supplies DC 9V to 56V input to increase the network reliability.

Compare Table

LTE Router Access Point VPN Router
Thumbnail photo of "WDG0204G"
Thumbnail photo of "WDG0204S"
Thumbnail photo of "WDG0200-1L-1ac-2S"
Thumbnail photo of "WDG0200-1L-1ac"
Thumbnail photo of "WDG0200-1L"
Thumbnail photo of "WDG0200-1ac"
Thumbnail photo of "WDG0204"
LAN 4 * Giga Copper Port 4 * Giga Copper Port Shared 2 * Giga Copper Port Shared 2 * Giga Copper Port Shared 2 * Giga Copper Port Shared 2 * Giga Copper Port 4 * Giga Copper Port
WAN 2 * Giga Copper Port 2 * Giga Fiber Port 2 * Giga Copper Port
Wi-Fi (2.4G/5G) - -
3G/4G - -
GPS - -
PoE - - - -
Modbus - - - -



IEEE 802.3 10Base-T Ethernet
IEEE 802.3u 100Base-TX Ethernet
IEEE 802.3x Flow Control Capability
ANSI / IEEE 802.3 Auto-negotiation
IEEE 802.1p Class of Service
IEEE 802.1d Spanning Tree
IEEE 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree
IEEE 802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree
IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP)
IEEE 802.1AB Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP)
IEEE 802.3 at / af PoE

MAC Address Table Size



6x 10 / 100 / 1000T RJ-45 with auto MDI / MDI-X function
1x RS-232 console (RJ45)
1x USB 2.0 for upload / download config file
1x 6 pin terminal block (DIDO, Relay)
1x 6 pin terminal block (Power)

Console Port

Baud rate 115200-8N1


2 Digital Input (DI) : Level 0: -30 ~ 2V / Level 1: 10 ~ 30V Max input current:8mA
2 Digital Output (DO): Open collector to 40 VDC, 200mA


Output to carry capacity of 1A at 34VDC

PoE Budget

240W for 44V ~ 57V input
120W for 24V input
80W for 12V input

Note: 54V input is recommended for 802.3at 30W application.

Power Supply

Dual input for 9V ~ 56VDC

Power Consumption



DIN Rail and Wall Mount Design


5 years



SNMP v1 / v2c / v3, Web (Http / Https), CLI (Telnet / SSH)


RFC 1157
RFC 1213
RFC 1215 (Trap MIB)
RFC 1493 (Bridge MIB)
RFC 1573
Private MIB
RFC 1158 MIB II*
Partial RFC 1757 RMON*
RFC 2674 Q-Bridge MIB*
Bridge MIB*

ITU G.8032

Support ITU G.8032 v2 / 2012 for Ring protection in less than 50ms for self-healed recovery for single ring topology.

PoE Management

PoE detection, scheduling, health checking. Per port status include on / off, voltage, current, watts and temperature.

Port Trunk with LACP

LACP port trunk up to 8 groups

Discovery Protocol

LLDP and CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol)

Environmental Monitoring

System input voltage, current, power consumption ambient temperature


Port Based VLAN
IEEE 802.1Q Tag VLAN (256 entries)
VLAN ID (Up to 4K, VLAN ID can be assigned from 1 to 4094)

IPv6 / 4


Spanning Tree

IEEE802.1d Spanning Tree
IEEE802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree
IEEE802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree 8 / 16* MSTI

Quality of Service

Determined by port, Tag and IPv4 Type of service, IPv4 Differentiated Services Code Points - DSCP

Class of Service

IEEE802.1p class of service, per port and provides 8 priority queues

IP Security

Supports 10 IP addresses that have permission to access the switch management and to prevent unauthorized intruder

Login Security

Supports IEEE802.1X Authentication with RADIUS and TACACS+

Port Mirror

Ingress, Egress or both direction per port

Network Security

HTTPS for secure access to the web interface
SSH for secure shell to command line interface


Support IGMP snooping v1 / v2 / v3; Supports IGMP static route; 1024 multicast groups; IGMP router port ; IGMP query; GMRP

Bandwidth Control

Support ingress rate limit and egress rate limit
In the ingress direction, packet type (Broadcast / Multicast / Flooded Unicast packet) combination rules are allowed.

Flow Control

Supports Flow Control for Full-duplex and Back Pressure for Half-duplex

System Log

Supports System log record to remote server

E-Mail / SMS

Supports SMTP Server or cloud server to send event alert. Maximum 8 e-mail accounts for receiving event alert.
Also can send event alert via SMS.


SNMP trap v1 / v2c / v3


Provide DHCP v4 / v6 Client / Server / Relay that support addition option 82
MAC based can assign IP address by specific host
Port based can assign IP address by specific port


Provide DNS client feature and support primary and secondary DNS server


Supports SNTP to synchronize system clock via Internet



  • MAC address filter
  • IP address filter
  • source / destination port filter
  • TCP / UDP / ICMP filter
  • URL filter
  • DoS protection
Others :
  • Port forwarding
  • DMZ


Up to 5 virtual gateway


Load Balancing

Fixed, Failover, Priority and Round robin


L2 over GRE

VPN Client

L2TP over IPSec

VPN Server

L2TP over IPSec

Firmware Update

Supports HTTP / HTTPs / TFTP firmware upgrade

Configuration import and export

Supports text configuration file for system quick installation.
Support factory reset button to restore all settings back to factory default.
Support USB storage backup and restore config file.

LED Indicators

Power indicator

Power 1 (Green)
Power 2 (Green)

10 / 100 / 1000 Base-T indicator

Orange: Link / Act
Green : 1G Speed


On (Green)


Fault (Red)

Physical Characteristic


Metal case. IP 30, 74mm (W) x 144mm (D) x 152mm (H)


1 kg


Operating Humidity

5% ~ 95% (Non-condensing)

Operating Temperature

-20°C ~ 70°C / -4°F ~ 158°F

Storage Temperature

-40°C ~ 85°C / -40°F ~ 185°F

Regulatory approvals


FCC Part 15 Class A*
CE EN55032*
CE EN61000-4-2 (ESD)
CE EN61000-4-3 (RS)
CE EN61000-4-4 (EFT)
CE EN61000-4-5 (Surge)
CE EN61000-4-6 (CS)
CE EN61000-4-8
CE EN61000-4-11*

*Future Release


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