Industrial Wireless

Industrial wireless router, AP, and bridge


Our Industrial Wireless is ideal for use in industrial applications, such as factory automation, security surveillance, facility management, power substations, rail and intelligent transportation, vending machines, hospital, ATM, etc.

By using reliable and proven cellular network technology, we provide the perfect solution for remote monitoring and control of critical missions. With high-speed wireless connectivity and reliable remote access, we help the enterprise achieve efficient large-scale network deployment and management.

For fast and stable wireless connections in harsh industrial environments, our industrial wireless series include LTE router, access point, and VPN router that work seamlessly together.
For maximum mobility, flexibility, and complete secure connectivity in the present-day industrial environments.


Advanced Cyber Security
Dual Gigabit WAN
Easy and Large-scale Deployment
Reliable Connection
Intelligent QoS
Dual Band (2.4G and 5G)