Tunnel Traffic Monitoring

Deal With the Challenging Environment

Economical Product

Maintenance time and expenses are reduced thanks to PoE technology and easily fitted robust RJ45 ports

Well-built Design

Vibration-resistant with an operating temperature range of -40°C to 75°C, our industrial switches can withstand harsh industrial circumstances

Sturdy Solution

Solving all critical issues upon installing the equipment in the tunnel

The devastating fires and regular incidents force a thorough rethinking of tunnel safety. As a result, the most advanced video surveillance systems are being deployed to assure the greatest degree of safety and rapid response in emergency circumstances. However, several issues must be addressed, such as the highly humid, dusty, and salty air in tunnels, the frequent vibration of equipment produced by driving heavy trucks, and so on. Under the circumstances, the tunnel traffic monitor program prioritized a dependable Ethernet network. All relevant safety procedures and equipment checks have to be done before the installation of the switches in the tunnel. The traffic management engineers have to be able to monitor the status of the tunnel's traffic in real-time traffic over the Internet.

The challenge of bandwidth and distance have to be addressed since the whole distance of the network is large and a large volume of data with high dependable transfer accuracy is required to be transferred. Another need was a dependable network with redundancy and a quick recovery mechanism if a node failed. Another critical necessity of tunnel traffic monitoring is on-site video surveillance of difficult working conditions within the tunnel, necessitated the use of a high-tech, novel, and "intelligent" system of Ethernet devices and cameras.


Our Solution

Intrising industrial switches are a wonderful option for tunnel traffic monitoring, as they handle all of these concerns while also reducing the impact on heavy traffic by lowering the construction and future maintenance time. This has been proven in the real world. Intrising industrial switches can withstand tunnel construction by offering redundancy of network recovery schemes in our high-quality industrial switches.

Intrising managed switches feature comprehensive administration services, including the IGMP multicasting protocol, which is essential for video transmission. To meet the tough tunnel environment, Intrising models function well in the temperature range of -40°C to 75°C and pass many stability and safety tests like vibration, free fall, shock, and EMI. Intrising products aid in the construction of a highly reliable network connection using the ITU G.8032 Ring system, which is the most critical aspect of an efficient traffic monitoring system in a tunnel environment.