Surveillance System

Solutions Towards a Safer World

Prevalent Application

Perfectly applicable in any public place and not only limited to indoor application but also outdoor application

Convenient Installation

PoE makes the installation easier even if modifications might be made in the future

Smooth Network Flow

Features IGMP v1/v2/v3 to avoid network congestion

Global economic expansion is expanding quickly, which is causing an increase in demand for surveillance. Many people prioritize protecting their homes, companies, and communities against external dangers. Installing a video surveillance system - video cameras coupled to viewed monitors that follow intruders - is one of the simplest alternatives, since it allows any threats to be observed and maybe even halted before they occur. We know that security cameras may dissuade theft and other crimes and give proof when culprits do act. The most common places that use surveillance systems are office buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, chain stores/parking, hotel, warehouse/factory, schools, hospitals, railway/superhighways, and many more.

Indeed, most people have grown so accustomed to video monitoring that it's practically second nature to rely on the camera that sees everything. Given the reliance on these devices, it's important to look at some of the issues that still exist in capturing and using video surveillance. Because surveillance systems are so heavily relied on, data loss in the case of system failure or external conditions can be disastrous. Residential and business security camera use needs well-documented and secure recording so that information is not easily lost. The camera network requires not only an internet connection but also power. When you cover a broad enough territory, everything gets more complicated.


Our Solution

Intrising offers the greatest industrial networking solution. Here are the reasons why. By processing multicast packets efficiently, the implementation of IGMP v1/v2/v3 on our switches avoids network congestion even with hundreds of IP cameras and large video flows. Our industrial switches are one with high power PoE which not only makes the installation simpler because no extra power cable is requires but also allows the reset of the IP camera upon an issue. As a result, any later modification or growth of the monitoring network is also made simpler. In addition, out industrial switches have a gigabit bandwidth with a power booster that is ideal for many situations.

Intrising Industrial switches can function in a broad temperature range which makes them ideal for outdoor video surveillance applications. All versions support 30 watts of PoE+. This makes it possible to connect and power the most recent outdoor cameras with heaters/blowers with just one Ethernet cable. As for security, we acknowledge that modern data solutions must include network security to block access from criminal users and other intruders, hence we utilize security features based on IEEE802.1X authentication to guarantee video cameras are verified on the network before they can transfer any data.