AV over IP

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With IP-based network configuration, it eliminates the demand for cabling installation, and all the connections are established via an Ethernet network.

Centralized Management

Unlike the conventional AV, the cutting-edge AV-over-IP unifies all display applications by software and the audiovisual system is centrally deployed.

Traffic QoS

This traffic regulates data flow on a network to decrease packet loss, latency, and jitter. It also monitor and controls network resources by assigning priorities to different types of traffic on the network.

The digital signage market is far larger and more sophisticated than it appears at first glance. Advances in the digital signage sector sometimes feel like they are rushing at us at a breakneck page. A single display is no longer adequate to interest viewers. Larger, more complicated digital signage networks are appearing everywhere. Nowadays, it is more common to see digital signage in the public. A comprehensive audiovisual communication strategy by using a group of monitors to advertise is an emerging trend applied to digital signage. The technology used to distribute and show material inside these networks is continually developing.

A primary focus for people in the distribution sector must be on keeping up with these networks and determining the best approach to provide content over networks of this complexity and size. Costs are also a significant issue, particularly when installing across dispersed footprints. Data must move between management apps and end devices quickly and securely, without being tampered with. Consider the likelihood of security breaches, as well as the potentially humiliating impact on messaging and imagery on billboards and signs in airports and subways. The cost and complexity of connectivity options vary, making choosing one becomes the most difficult decision.


Our Solution

Sports bar can be an excellent case to present the benefits of AV-over-IP installations. Less cabling configurations save more space and time on settling those messy cables. Besides, its need for high-resolution video display in real-time is the crucial part when enjoying sports games.

Intrising’s AV-over-IP equipment containing S2000 with the built-in controller, receiver (HX01-R), and transmitter (HX01-T) are easy to install with less need for hardware space. As shown in the picture, each source is transmitted from its dedicated HX01-T to the connected S2000, where all signals are traveled over the network. While the switch receives the signals, it can assign them to the destinations you want.

For instance, a big screen is composed of six screens broadcasting different kinds of sports events. On the right side, there are 2x2 displays delivering the content of the football game. On the other hand, the audience can also enjoy other games from the left side of the screen: one is basketball, another is tennis. There is no denying that it is accessible to one S2000 manipulating any situation that requires video sources feeding multiple displays.