Autonomous Vehicles

Becoming a Big Part of the Transportation System

Optimum Bandwidth Utilization

Utilize dynamic IEEE 802.3ad LACP link aggregation and static link aggregation

Robust and Trustworthy

Support wide operating temperatures and security features based on IEEE802.1X authentication with RADIUS and TACACS+

Impeccable Transmission

Adhere to IEEE 802.3at/af PoE+ standards and higher data rates for network infrastructure

The creation of autonomous vehicles has made one of the biggest contributions to the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). Currently, a lot of industrial networking equipment is being used to build autonomous vehicles for usage in a variety of industries, including agriculture, warehouses, and public transit. This is owing to the numerous benefits they provide, such as greater productivity, reduced fuel consumption, reduced traffic congestion, reduced user error, and enhanced safety conditions. And, of course, it will make road travel more efficient in every way; as vehicles grow more capable of communicating and coordinating, there will be less traffic, fewer emissions, and less pollution. Such advantages would not be feasible without the development of cutting-edge industrial networking equipment.

In a wide range of sectors, the development of efficient autonomous vehicles has been facilitated by industrial networking equipment. Next-generation autonomous vehicle applications require high-speed, low-latency networking solutions for dispersed, heterogeneous computation systems. Manufacturers are currently investigating methods of detecting and automating additional operations within the cabin, as well as the engine compartment, on their road to completely autonomous vehicles. Qualification to automotive standards is required, but performance comes first.


Our Solution

One of the most commonly used industrial network equipment in autonomous vehicles is 10G PoE industrial switches. These switches are capable of transmitting huge amounts of data. They are suitable for data processing and power solutions because autonomous vehicles require significant data processing capacity. Being able to withstand tough conditions like high temperatures is also another thing that makes 10G PoE industrial switches become the choice. For instance, the industrial 10G PoE switches from Intrising can function in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 75°C.

The switch can function without a heater or air conditioner to keep it from hot or cold crashes. In a range of inventories, Intrising provides several high-quality components that are excellent for autonomous vehicle applications. 10G PoE industrial switches are one of several products in our sizable assortment that are all designed to work effectively in even the harshest situations.