Management Software


A top-notch remote monitoring and management platform is required as business grows to hundreds or thousands of devices in order to stay competitive and enhance productivity. Our applications can accommodate the need of businesses to keep watching on a large amount of deployed devices and data points.

We have Viewer which is accessible without an internet connection as it will be incorporated to the workstation. Whereas, we also have IntrIoT, our cloud-based application that makes data and services are within your grasp anywhere and anytime with an internet connection.

Our applications provide the finest adaptability for knowing the status and tracking of your devices, as well as information on their firmware, coverage, and GPS location. Both applications are ergonomic because we take into account the best experience and satisfaction of our customers. When necessary, we can assist the company in gaining insights and foreseeing errors.


All in One Integration
Real-time information
Auto Detection
System Configuration
Firmware Upgrade