Case Study

Enhanced Micro Switch for Future-Ready Networking

Intrising's Hardware and Software Solution for Improved Network Reliability and Management
May 29, 2023
Location Germany
Industry Networking and Information Technology
Application Fiber To The Office

Case Background

A networking infrastructure that is ready for the future, known as FTTO (Fiber To The Office), is used in contemporary office settings. The benefits of flexible twisted pair cabling and highly effective fiber optic technology are combined in this system. FTTO also uses fiber optic cables that are future-proof for backbone cabling and horizontal cabling, in contrast to the traditional structured cabling network (SCN).

Our client creates custom software and hardware components for fiber optic transmission systems and building automation. They also creates hardware components for FTTO applications. They have been developing the micro switches for FTTO applications and now they are on their way to develop the newest generation.

Knowing that Intrising is proficient at handling ODM projects, they bring this project to Intrising with the hope that Intrising can help in developing their newest generation micro switches. In developing the switch, the client asks us to make sure that all the features from the previous generation must still be there. In addition, Intrising must provide user friendly Web GUI.

Security is one of their concern, they want to make sure that the switch can be protected from accidental or malicious activity. Responding to that, they want the switch to support port access control because with this feature users can disable unused ports to help limit unauthorized access. As mentioned previously, our client also creates software solution. The software is used to configure and monitor network devices offered by our client. For remote management, they request us for third party API.

With the ability to provide software and hardware solution, Intrising takes on this challenge. Intrising is confident to handle the issues that the client is currently facing.


  • Ring (ms-ring, G8032 ring) with less than 50ms recovery time to significantly increase network reliability.
  • High security through SSH, HTTPS, SNMPv3, Port Security 802.1x and full RADIUS NAC compatibility to protect the switch from unauthorized intrusion and data theft.
  • Docker Visualization Environment for custom device and management automation. Docker provides an easy way to deploy containers.

Solution Provided by Us

Before starting the project, Intrising's team focus on the first assignment that is to learn all the features of the previous generations product. As the client has made a point to keep all the features of the previous generation intact and only necessary improvements will be made. One of the particular feature that we fully examine is the port security feature. The previous generation offers a wide rage of port-based access control related features. Intrising adds some more features to the newest generation to make the PACC becomes more comprehensive. The new added features include IEEE 802.1X Supplicant, Limited number of MACs per VLAN, Wake-on-LAN, support, Network edge authentication, and Authentication fail retry timer. We also rebuild the entire functionality, so the newest generation can perform even better than the previous generation.

For Command Line Interface (CLI), Intrising rebuilds the entire design for the newest generation. The majority of devices such as routers and switches setup the network device using the CLI (Command Line Interface). The CLI is a text-based tool. You enter configuration commands and employ display commands to obtain the router's or switch's output. The bulk of the work is done on the CLI, though there are GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) for the routers, switches, and firewalls as well. This may sound dated, but the CLI is much simpler to use than any graphical interface because there are many command accessible. Additionally, copying complete configurations from one device to another is much simpler.

Intrising also implement RESTful API for third party API requirement which is compatible with WEB GUI. Implementing an API simply the development for both entities to communicate in a common format. For technical details, API presents a clean and smooth layer of abstraction so it's easier to be comprehend. JSON is the communication format that REST is compatible with. For some usage scenarios, this makes REST more adaptable and lightweight.

Why The Newest Generation Micro Switch

  • Keep the features of the previous generation with additional strong features that makes it more prominent.
  • For the area of IT security in particular, the range of features is very wide (IEEE 802.1x, RADIUS, etc.).
  • Integrated Docker system to scale and maintain the containers efficiently.