Unleash Yourself without Limit

IntrIoT cloud-based applications give you the power to remote control anytime & anywhere with just saying some words or making a few clicks.

Remote Access

IntrIoT enables you to remotely trigger device operations, including system reboots, port configuration, and power management so that you can efficiently troubleshoot anywhere and anytime.

Auto Detection

Farewell to the complex process of registering devices, IntrIoT can automatically discover devices under the same network interface. Also, the registration process can be completed in a few clicks.

Firmware Upgrades

IntrIoT will proactively notify you of the upgrade when your device is ready to use the new firmware. In addition, you can self-upgrade by triggering the device with a few clicks.

Real-time Information

Once you have registered your device, you are always up to date with the latest real-time system information, including network usage, PoE consumption, and hardware statistics.

Multi-platform supports

IntrIoT not only serves cloud applications on smartphones but also dedicated to providing on smart assistants including Amazon Echo and Google Home.

All in one integration

Focusing on HDMI over IP applications, IntrIoT connected every component in the field so that we can provide an easy-to-use total solution that makes everything different.

Smartphone Apps

Compatible with iOS 8+ and Android OS 6+

Smart Assistant Skill

Compatible with Amazon Echo