PoE++ Solution

Powerful And Intelligent PoE++ Solution

Taipei, Taiwan, Sep 9, 2021—With the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) expansion, more and more devices are connected. The need to support these higher power devices is significantly increasing. Intrising released a new industrial 8G+4x10G L2+/L3 managed PoE++ switch, “Intrising DAS-8GHP-4X,” in response to this trend.

Intrising DAS-8GHP-4X is powerful and intelligent and can deliver up to 60 watts over Cat 5 cables. Besides the Intrising PoE++ switches can potentially deliver up to 60W per port and provide up to 240W to allow a more efficient and cost-effective power supply, it can support downward compatibility IEEE 802.3af/at/bt (15W/30W/60W).

As an intelligent industrial switch, Intrising DAS-8GHP-4X is not only tested for industrial applications with resistant features for harsh environments but also can schedule to supply power to devices only during business hours. In addition, PoE nonstop supports PoE real-time monitoring and proactive alerts when any PoE errors occur. At the same time, it offers a redundant power input design to supply continuous PoE operation when power failures occur.